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PVC Tarpaulin Repair Tape

PVC Tarpaulin Repair Tape
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Keder Max PVC Tarpaulin Repair Tape is made from Both Side PVC Coated Fabric with adhesive backing on one side. Simple Repair: Repair your torn tarp in an instant with our self-adhesive tape. Simply unroll the tape, cut it to the desired length, and apply it to the torn section. The repair tape is useful for PVC Tarp, Tarpaulin, Biogas Balloon, Oil Boom, Inflatable Pool, Tent, Inflatable boats, Inflatable Kayak, Flexi Tank, Bouncy, Ventilation Tube, Awning, Fish Tank, Banana Ride, Seat Cover, Auto Hood, Boxing Bag, Auto rickshaw canopy, Auto rickshaw hood, Bean Bag etc.


  • Repair damage: Whether it’s a small hole, tear, or larger damage, Keder Max Pvc Tarpaulin Repair Tape is the best solution for PVC Tarpaulin. The tape is made from high tensile strength fabric thus it creates a reinforcement on the damaged area with strong adhesion.

  • When it's windy, the tarpaulin constantly rips and tears. Small cuts, holes, and torn areas can easily become large tears. The Repair Tape patch of 9.5cm width can secure the tarpaulin from further damage.

  • Self-adhesive: The tape is made of PVC tarpaulin material with high-adhesion adhesive. Quick and easy to set, withstands abrasion over time. Made for PVC Coated Fabric.

  • UV protection, strong and designed for outdoor use – size is 16 ft x 3 ¾ inch (5 meter x 95 mm). A cost-effective way to extend the life of your tarpaulin.

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