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Keder For Banner

Banner Keder

What is Banner?

Types of Banner - Banner Flex, Signboard, Signage, Canvas Sign, Exhibition Stall Flex, Fabric Sign, Keder Banner, Soft signage, Banner & Printing

Banners are printed media using PVC flex or Acrylic Woven fabric used for signage which is either backlit or frontlit. Keder Max's Keders can be used with the print media either by welding, sewing, or Flex Bond (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive). The Keders attached to the printed media are fixed using an aluminum profile giving remarkable strength and presentation. Keders are increasingly used in the soft signage, banner, and printing industries. 

Keder for Banner

Keder for Banner can be used using Keder Rail or Curtain Rails. The recommended size for keder is 9mm and 11mm of Double Flap or Single Flap or Welded Flap or Flat Keder

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