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Double Flap Keder

Double Flap Keder

Double Flap Keder has two flaps, which “sandwich” the fabric and then are welded or stitched. As there are three layers of fabric to be welded at the same time, it is recommended to be welded using a radio-frequency welder.

The Keder is manufactured using in-house developed Welding Technology to provide our customers with a fail-proof solution. Our fabric for the Keder is also developed in-house to achieve better strength. 

Keder with Blackout fabric is available. Keders are available in 750gsm and 900gsm fabric with 100m and 135m bundle sizes. 


6mm Keder for Awning and Print Media
8mm Keder for Pagodas 
10mm Keder and 12mm Keder for German Tents or Large Structures

Usage: Warehouse Tent, Storage Tent, Shade Structures, German Hanger, Arabian Tent, Aluminum Tent, Wedding Tent, Industrial Curtain, Pool Cover, Tarpaulin, Trampoline Industries etc.

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