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What is Keder Fabric?

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PVC Coated Fabric

What is

PVC Coated Fabric?

PVC coated fabric is a fabric where a polymeric layer (PVC) is applied directly to one or both surfaces of the woven polyester fabric. For keder only one side surface is coated.

PVC coated polyester fabric is the most frequently used material for flexible fabric structures employed in applications ranging from tent structures to industrial covers or tarpaulins.

Yarn for

PVC Coated Fabric

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn is used for high-performance applications, where Tenacity is an essential factor. Depending on the area of application, High Tenacity Yarn is available in variants like high shrinkage, medium shrinkage, and low shrinkage. The high tenacity yarn has high durability, toughness, and chemical resistance that can survive extreme weather conditions. This category of Yarn is mostly preferred for industrial fabrics, especially airbag fabrics.

Generally, Low Shrinkage flat filament yarn is used with 500 to 2000 Denier for PVC coated fabric.

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Types of Weaving

Weaving, or the act of creating fabric by interlacing threads or yarns, is a traditional and ancient craft that has been practiced by various cultures around the world for thousands of years. The process involves crossing horizontal threads (weft) through vertical threads (warp) to create a woven fabric. The method of interlacing can vary, leading to different types of weaves and patterns.


Plain weave: The most simple and most common type of construction Inexpensive to produce, durable, Flat, and tight surface. The simplest of all patterns is the plain weave. Each weft yarn goes alternately over and under one warp yarn. Each warp yarn goes alternately over and under each weft yarn.


Panama Weave: The Panama weave is fundamentally the same as the plain weave except that two or more warp fibers alternately interlace with two or more weft fibers. This weave is flatter, and, though less crimp, stronger than a plain weave, but it is also less stable.

PVC Coating Technology

Most popular coating method of PVC coated fabric is Knife coating. In this method the coating fluid is applied directly to the textile fabric and spread in a uniform manner by means of a fixed knife. The gap between the bottom of the knife and the top of the fabric controls the thickness of the coating. The coated fabric is heated and the polymer is cured (that is, polymerized).

Knife Coating Technology
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