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What is Keder?

Keder is made of two components: a core and fabric. The core is an extruded PVC, or another elastic material, which gives flexibility to the entire unit. The core is wrapped and welded in single side PVC coated fabric, the non coated side allow the Keder to easily slide into an extrusion with a luff groove – keder rail.

Keder Illustration
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Keder Core

Keder Core also known as keder rope, is a PVC extruded solid flexible rod. It is binded with the Keder Fabric through RF welding or hot-air welding for making Keder. Find More

Sizes available: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm

Keder Fabric

Fabric for Keder is always a single side PVC Coated Fabric. The coated side is to be welded to the main fabric and the uncoated side of the fabric helps in sliding in the channel with less friction.


Color options for fabric:

1) White

2) Black / Grey

3) White with Blackout

Fabric GSM: 450gsm, 750gsm and 900gsm

single side coated fabirc.jpg

Keder Rail

Keder Rails are aluminum extruded profiles. As per the application, they are manufactured in different profiles to allow keder edge to slide in to secure the fabric panel. These profiles help in designing the structure with minimum screwing and a reliable setup. Keders are chosen smaller to the size of the keder rail.

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