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Keder for Warehouse Tent


What is Warehouse Tent?

Warehouse tents are free standing tents with no center poles or guy ropes which make it ideal for storage, warehousing or major events and exhibitions.

Warehouse Tent reached the standardization, modules and general standards on the basis of the new environmental construction materials. It is suitable for industrial applications, you can easily connect and quickly assemble in a short time. Advantaging with low costs, short assemble time and recycle, which means it can save labor costs and decrease the building period and improve the production rate by its easy transport and customized design and free spots choice.

Keder for Warehouse Tent

Keder when used with Warehouse Tent help in connecting the structure with the fabric and also the fabric panels glide through the rails of the profiles.

Keder Max manufactures and supplies keders for warehouse tent manufacturers with various options of keder fabric. Double Flap Keder available with different core dia can be used as per the structure size and aluminum rail profile. These keders are welded with the fabric through RF technology for better adhesion. Our double flap keder can also be used for repairing keders. Check out our "Repair Keder Instruction" to know more on how to use our keders for replacing the existing keders in tent.

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