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What is Keder Core?

Keder Core
Keder Core

What is Keder Core?

Keder Core also known as keder rope, is a PVC extruded solid flexible rod. It is binded with the Keder Fabric through RF welding or hot-air welding for making Keder. Find More

Sizes available: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm

Quality of Keder Core

The quality of Keder core depends on the quality of the PVC composition. PVC is a rigid material mixed with a plasticizer to make it soft and flexible.


With the poor quality of the plasticizer, the core starts releasing oil on its surface and then slowly becomes brittle. Due to the oily surface, the core also starts slipping from the welded sleeve of the fabric.


Keder Max manufactures its core with properly tested and validated polymer composition. The high-grade PVC composition is equivalent to the one used for medical applications.


How to use Keder Core with Leister Hemtek?

Our Keder Core when used with the Leister Hemtek ST, one can weld hems easily, reliably, and efficiently. The versatile hemming guide helps to achieve welding reproducible and precise. It's perfect for small and medium-sized banners made of PVC. With our Keder Core and Leister Hemtek ST hems on banners or tarpaulins can be welded from start to finish in one welding process.

How to use Keder Core with Leister Variant?

The Leister Variant T1 is designed for overlap, hemming, and pipe welding for PVC tarpaulins.
The machine along with our Keder Core is used for making banners, lorry side curtains, and structures made from PVC-coated industrial fabrics. The ergonomic guide bar, with length and angle adjustment, guides the welding machine perfectly, even at high speeds.

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