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What is Keder Core?

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What is Keder Core?

Keder Core is a PVC extruded solid flexible rod. It is binded with the Keder Fabric through RF welding for making Keder. 

Quality of Keder Core

Quality of Keder core depends on the quality of PVC composition. PVC is a rigid material that is mixed with a plasticizer to make it soft and flexible. With the poor quality of the plasticizer, the core starts releasing oil on its surface and then slowly becomes brittle. Due to the oily surface, the core also starts slipping from the welded sleeve of the fabric.

Keder Max manufactures its core with proper tested and validated polymer composition. The high grade PVC composition is equivalent to the one used for medical application.

How to use Keder Core with Leister Hemtek?

Our Keder core can be used with Leister Hemtek. Our Keder core overcomes the problem of slippage and uneven surface when PP rope is used.

Single Flap Keder can be used with leister hemtek.

How to use Keder Core with Leister Variant?

Our Keder core can be used with Leister Variant. Our Keder core can be used for Flex, Industrial Curtains, tensile structure, truck Side Curtains etc.

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