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Blackout Keder

Blackout Keder

Blackout Keder is available in both Double Flap Keder and Single Flap Keder required for large Aluminum Tents or German Hangers. The fabric for Blackout Keder is designed to 'block' all light from shining through the material. This fabric is different from normal white keder fabric as it has a special light-absorbing coating.

Blackout Keders are available in 750gsm and 900gsm fabric with 100m and 135m bundle sizes. 

Sizes Recommended: 11mm, 13mm, and 15mm (Custom sizes available). Available in both Double Flap and Single Flap

Usage: Warehouse Tent, Storage Tent, Shade Structures, German Hanger, Arabian Tent, Aluminum Tent, Wedding Tent, Industrial Curtain, Pool Cover, Tarpaulin, Trampoline Industries etc.

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