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Keder Core

Keder Core

Keder Core also known as PVC core, PVC Rope, and keder cord, is a PVC extruded solid flexible rod. It is binded with the Keder Fabric through RF welding or hot-air welding for making Keder. 

PVC Keder Core or PVC extrusion core is an elastic and flexible material well suited for the keder application for PVC-coated fabric.


1) Flex

2) Industrial Curtains

3) Tensile Structure

4) Truck Side Curtains

5) Industrial Curtain

6) Pool Cover 

7) Tarpaulin

8) Trampoline

9) Tent -Wedding tent, Aluminum tent, Arabian Tent, German Hanger, Warehouse Tent, Membrane Structure etc

Sizes Available: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm (Custom sizes available)

Roll size of 200m available

Quality of Core:

Our PVC core is manufactured using virgin PVC and plasticizers are non-lubricant based. This helps in achieving long durability and proper bonding of the core with the fabric when welded for keder.

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