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Flat Keder

Flat Keder

Flat Keder is a flexible PVC strip that is sewn with printable signage textile and attached to the aluminum profile. Flat Keder tape is used in the print industry for SEG prints. Our flat keder comes with multiple widths for various types of frames.


1) Signage

2) SEG Silicon Edge Graphics

3) SEG Signage

4) SEG Light Box

5) Fabric Light Box

6) SEG fabric signage

7) SEG fabric graphics

8) Silicone Edge Frames

9) Silicone Edge Graphics

10) Fabric Display

Sizes Available: 

12mm x 3mm

12mm x 3.6mm

14mm x 3mm

14mm x 3.6mm

Colors: Transparent & White

Roll sizes of 100m and 200m are available

Quality of Flat Keder:

Our PVC Flat Keder is manufactured using virgin PVC and plasticizers are non-lubricant based. This helps achieve long durability and proper bonding of the keder with the fabric when stitched.

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