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Keder for Industrial Curtain

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What is Industrial Curtain?

Application of Industrial Curtain - warehouses, cold storage, sandblasting enclosure, warehouse dividers, wash bay curtains, paint booth curtains, bodyshop curtains, machine enclosure, welding booth curtains etc

Industrial Curtains manufactured from PVC coated fabric or PVC Extruded Film Sheet offers a cost-effective and simple way to control temperature, humidity and prevent the ingress of dust and insects. Industrial Curtains are ideal for maintaining an ambient temperature for your warehouse or cold-store, keeping out unwanted pests, restricting the movement of air pollutants or isolating noisy machinery.

Keder for Industrial Curtain

Keder when used with Industrial Curtain, helps the fabric to fix with the rail and hanged without many additional components. The Keders can also be cut out to make the system completely retractable. The typical size of Keder used is 11mm and 13mm.


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