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Seam Sealing Tape

Seam Sealing Tape

We manufacture Seam Sealing Tapes for inflatable products manufactured from PVC Coated Fabric. The hardest part of manufacturing inflatable products is ensuring the seam is failproof. Our seam sealing tapes ensure you have good control over product manufacturing while getting quality seams without any leakages. Once welded in the fabric joint, our tape ensures no leakage even under high pressure.

Our tapes are manufactured in transparent color to blend in different color fabrics. Customized color options are also available.


1) Biogas Balloon

2) Underwater Lift Bag

3) Inflatable Boat

4) Liquid Storage Tanks

Sizes Available: 

20mm x 1.1mm

Colors: Transparent 

Roll sizes of 100m and 200m are available

Quality of Seam Sealing Tape:

Our Seam Sealing Tape is manufactured using virgin PVC and plasticizers are non-lubricant based. This helps achieve long durability and proper bonding of the tape with the fabric when welded.

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