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High Frequency Welder for PVC Eyelet

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Keder Max has designed and Developed HF welder with automated pneumatic feeding/punching press for large volume welding of PVC eyelets onto various technical textiles. Compared to metal grommets, welded plastic eyelets will fuse together with the fabric and result in a joint that is significantly stronger and can withstand significantly higher pull forces.

These eyelets are typically used for reinforcement of holes in foils and fabric in building wraps, banners, tarpaulins, tents, billboards, tensile structures, netting, water sports equipment, sky balloons, and other inflatables.

They also offer more advantages for the outdoor banner producer, e.g.: no hemming required, the only solution for single-layer vinyl. "Invisible" placement of eyelets on the back of the banner is possible. They will not rust or tear through the reinforced fabric. Their tensile strength is much greater than metal eyelets.


1) Flex and Printing Industry

2) Seat Cover Manufacturer

3) Truck Cover

4) Trailer Side Curtain

5) Truck Side Curtain

6) Auto hood

7) Tensile Structure

8) Industrial Curtain

9) Awnings

Fabric Alignment
Laser Dot
Control System
PLC with Color HMI
Air Consumption
5 Liters per minute
Air Pressure
6 Kgs/sq. cm.
Construction Portable
on Wheels
Max. Input Current
6 Ampere
Input Voltage
230VAC 50Hz Single phase
Power Input
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